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Item Details:


✦ Thunder Defense: 70

✹ Fire Defense: 70

❋ Air Defense: 70

Combat Lv. Min: 100

Dexterity Min: 40

Defense Min: 40

Agility Min: 40

Spell Damage250%
❉ Water Damage50%
1st Spell Cost130%
2nd Spell Cost85%
3rd Spell Cost130%
4th Spell Cost100%

Legendary Necklace

This item does not exist in game.



Name: Ambivalence
Tier: Legendary
Macrocategory: Items
Category: Accessory, Necklace
Restrictions: Untradable
Pre-Identified: True
Material: Necklace Water Tier 2
Drop Type: Unobtainable

How to obtain this item?

  • Unobtainable:

    This item can't be obtained.

    1. Description: Will be available at Eldritch Outlook once the next map push happens

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Identification Details:

This item can't be identified.