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Ingredient Details:

Shrieker's Head ✫✫

Crafting Ingredient

-7 to -5 Intelligence

-7% to -5% Walk Speed

1150 to 1200 Health

-108 Durability

-12 Intelligence Min.

+16 Defense Min.

Crafting Lv. Min: 105



Name: Shrieker's Head
Tier: 2
Macrocategory: Ingredients
Restrictions: No restrictions
Material: Eb9351acfba0b0d38f818914a07e1a63.png
Skin json:
	"timestamp": 1571702324056,
	"profileId": "ac164cdc3db74ed1a8bc551b1e5e380b",
	"profileName": "nicktree",
	"signatureRequired": true,
	"textures": {
		"SKIN": {
			"url": "http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/abb7c6961d7b94d84d04f641c4c08302096bc1f2d0cdb87b10700a910c047b29"
Drop Type: Special Drop

How to obtain this item?

  • Special Drop:

    This item can be dropped only by specific mobs or in a specific area.

    1. Mob name: Cursed Shrieker

      Location: Void Valley

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