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Ingredient Details:

More-Pearlescent Jewel ✫✫✫

Crafting Ingredient

35 to 40 Spell Damage

-4% to -2% ✦ Thunder Defense

-71 Durability

+12 Intelligence Min.

Crafting Lv. Min: 70



Name: More-Pearlescent Jewel
Tier: 3
Macrocategory: Ingredients
Restrictions: No restrictions
Material: 658e36a2b0f1902b119e94a876fe64a7.png
Skin json:
	"textures": {
		"SKIN": {
			"url": "http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/ba44e2b8388df593a85f7d54445ce78796cee6b0bcb7a55acbdd1cbd8f35aef2"
Drop Type: Boss Altar

How to obtain this item?

  • Boss Altar:

    This item can be obtained through a Boss Altar.

    1. Description: Uncommon drop

      Boss altar name: Arena of the Legends

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