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Item Details:

Gert Shootstick Tossflinger

Super Slow Attack Speed

✤ Neutral Damage: 1350-1750

Class Req: Archer/Hunter

Combat Lv. Min: 79

Quest Req: The Hunger of Gerts Part 2

Strength Min: 70

Attack Speed-1 tier
Spell Damage-60%
Main Attack Damage30%
✤ Main Attack Damage710

Legendary Bow



Name: Gert Shootstick Tossflinger
Original Name: Gert Bow
Tier: Legendary
Macrocategory: Items
Category: Weapon, Bow
Restrictions: Untradable
Pre-Identified: True
Material: Bow Default Tier 1
Drop Type: Merchant

How to obtain this item?

  • Merchant:

    This item can be bought from a merchant.

    1. Merchant name: Gert merchant

      Coordinates: X: -46 Y: 58 Z: -5553 Open in World Map

      Price: 15x Pig Meat

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Identification Details:

This item can't be identified.