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Item Details:

Gert Mask

Health: 1300

✤ Earth Defense: 40

✹ Fire Defense: -40

Combat Lv. Min: 75

Normal Helmet

Quest Item


Name: Gert Mask
Tier: Normal
Macrocategory: Items
Category: Armor, Helmet
Armor Type: Leather
Leather Color: 255,255,255
Restrictions: Quest Item
Pre-Identified: False
Material: Texture Bmanrules
Skin json:
	"timestamp": 1436515096977,
	"profileId": "076ecd5a31334c34b91240a5490f4c80",
	"profileName": "bmanrules",
	"isPublic": true,
	"textures": {
		"SKIN": {
			"url": "http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/8aee2f3011638c99e42859664aeb13deada8dfd6b3fdbd6bca5135a7e0e6"
Drop Type: Quest

How to obtain this item?

  • Quest:

    This item can be obtained through a quest or by completing one.

    1. Quest name: The Hunger of Gerts Part 1

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Identification Details:

This item can't be identified.