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Ingredient Details:

Enhanced Physics Microchip ✫✫

Crafting Ingredient

20% to 30% Reflection

9% to 16% ❋ Air Damage

-98 Durability

+35 Agility Min.

Crafting Lv. Min: 90






Name: Enhanced Physics Microchip
Tier: 2
Macrocategory: Ingredients
Restrictions: No restrictions
Material: Redstone_repeater.png
Drop Type: Special Drop, Anyloot Chest

How to obtain this item?

  • Anyloot Chest:

    This item can be found in any loot chests.

    1. Information: Can be found in unlevelled chests if your class level is in the range of 86-94 or in levelled chests if the surrounding mobs in the area are in the level range of 86-94. Any loot chest tier.

  • Special Drop:

    This item can be dropped only by specific mobs or in a specific area.

    1. Mob name: Mobs

      Location: Around Geyser Pit boss altar on Corkus Island

      Coordinates: X: -1580 Z: -3200 Open in World Map

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