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Ingredient Details:

Elemental Crystal ✫✫

Crafting Ingredient

4% to 5% Thorns

200 to 230 Health

4% to 5% Reflection

18 to 25 ✤ Spell Damage

14 to 20 ✤ Main Attack Damage

-101 Durability

Crafting Lv. Min: 70







Name: Elemental Crystal
Tier: 1
Macrocategory: Ingredients
Restrictions: No restrictions
Material: 55d9d4ba1c566f7a5950d1f11c80ad0d.png
Skin json:
	"textures": {
		"SKIN": {
			"url": "http://textures.minecraft.net/texture/e6799bfaa3a2c63ad85dd378e66d57d9a97a3f86d0d9f683c498632f4f5c"
Drop Type: Special Drop, Anyloot Chest

How to obtain this item?

  • Anyloot Chest:

    This item can be found in any loot chests.

    1. Information: Can be found in unlevelled chests if your class level is in the range of 66-74 or in levelled chests if the surrounding mobs in the area are in the level range of 66-74. Any loot chest tier.

  • Special Drop:

    This item can be dropped only by specific mobs or in a specific area.

    1. 1.

      Screenshot: Image #1

      Mob name: Aldor-Nix

      Location: ponds around Light Forest

      Coordinates: X: -1208 Z: -5104 Open in World Map

    2. 2.

      Description: There is a small bit of land surrounded by water where there are big Mushrooms, Myconid's of all Elements spawn under there. These mushrooms can also be found around the entire Light Forest

      Screenshots: Image #1, Image #2

      Mob name: Myconid's

      Location: Light Forest

      Coordinates: X: -950 Z: -4700 Open in World Map

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