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Item Details:

Canyon Strider

Health: 2200

✤ Earth Defense: 70

✹ Fire Defense: -70

❋ Air Defense: 70

Combat Lv. Min: 84

Strength Min: 15

Agility Min: 25

Walk Speed15%
✤ Earth Damage10%
❋ Air Damage10%
✤ Earth Defense12%
❋ Air Defense12%
Sprint Regen15%

[0/2] Powder Slots

Unique Boots


Name: Canyon Strider
Tier: Unique
Macrocategory: Items
Category: Armor, Boots
Armor Type: Diamond
Restrictions: No restrictions
Pre-Identified: True
Material: Boots Diamond
Drop Type: Merchant

How to obtain this item?

  • Merchant:

    This item can be bought from a merchant.

    1. Merchant name: Thesead armour merchant

      Price: 1306x Emeralds (20eb and 26e)

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Identification Details:

This item can't be identified.