Welcome to WynnData!


Special thanks to:

  • wynncraft.com - For allowing WynnData to use the Wynncraft art such as: items images, background image, spell icons and other various textures.

  • motoki1 - For all the help provided by his Wynncraft Math Guides, without those guides WynnData would simply not exist today.

  • Nyam - For the help provided inserting information on how to obtain Wynncraft items.

  • Major_Lue and XavierEXE - For the help given to keep all the set bonuses information always updated.

  • Scyu_ - For the help provided on the Statistics and World Map pages.

  • ChrisTheBear and lht - For the help provided adding information on how to obtain items.

  • aws404 - For making the beautiful weapon icons used on WynnData.

  • Druser - For the help provided in general with keeping everything up to date and finding how new stuff work in the 1.19 update.